Tunisian Cuisine

Tunisian Cuisine is a blend of the Mediterranean, and the many civilizations which have ruled the land now known as Tunisia. These populations are the Phoenicians Romans, Arabs, Turkish, French, and the native Berber people.

Harissa is a fire red concoction made from crushed dried chilli carlic, salt and caraway seeds. The word Harissa comes from the Arabic langue’s, meaning breaking intp pieces. The product can also be severed with olive oil.

Bread is a often seen product in the Tunisia, because it is almost eaten in every meal. A popular bread sort is the banquette, that Tunisians inherited the from the French. The traditional Berber bread Tabouna is also popular especially in the south.

Just like the other Mediterranean countries fish is a popular dish. Tunisia has a coastline of 1400km, so enjoy the fish! Different fish species can be found in the local markets such as: mackerel, red mullet, sole, octopus, and perch. It’s cooked in different ways, but grilled fish with some lemon is the most popular.

Lamb and chicken are the most popular among Tunisians.
Maraga is lamb meat slowly stewed for instance with some tomatoes, potatoes, and chilli.

In most of North Africa Coucous is the national dish, and also in Tunisia.
When you are not familiar with it, do try it. Wet grains are steamed in a couscoussiere. It can be prepared in a lot of ways..

Tunisia has a good climate for fruits, and this is what you see back in the assortment, and flavours.

Honey is a popular sweet in Tunisia. The sweets in Tunisia has influence of the Ottoman taste such as: Baklava that is a pastry made with filo dough, filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with honey. Makrouth it’s a square sweet cookie, and inside of it there’s a pasta of a sweet sticky brown fruit that grows on a tree called a date palm. The city of kairouan is famous for its Makrouth.

Popular drinks are coffee served as the Turks do. Mint tea with pine nuts.
Citronnade made with crushed and strained whole lemons, sugar, and water.
Beer is the most popular alcoholic drink.