Star Wars

Five out of the six Star Wars movies were partially filmed in southern Tunisia in and around the towns, granaries and cave houses. Many of the sets are still nicely preserved, and open for visitors.

Star Wars village Matmata
Matmata is a small Berber speaking town in southern Tunisia, famous for their traditional underground “troglodyte” houses that where used the Star Wars movies. Matmata has about 2000 inhabitants, and some of the local Berbers still live in their traditional underground houses. The Hotel Sidi Driss was the location for the first Star Wars movie, and over again for The Phantom, and the Attack of the Clones. Hotel Marhala has also some amazing looking underground houses, and tunnels. The musee Berber is the place to find traditional Berber carpets

Star Wars village Tataouine
Many of the scenes in Star Wars Episode IV took place in southern Tunisia, and also in Tataouine region. Luke Skywalker grows up on the planet Tatooine, inspired by the real town Tataouine in Southern Tunisia. The way some people in Southern Tunisia dress could have been also an inspiration for Jedi costumes. Most of the scenes were shot in the hills and villages surrounding the Tataouine. When you travel further south there is the Ksar of Ouled Soltane a beautyful that was used to as a background for some of the Slave Quarters shots in Episode I.

Star Wars village Tozeur
Tozeur is an oasis and a city in south west Tunisia, and it’s is one of the well-known filming locations of the Star Wars movie. Tozeer was a planet in Star Wars, named after this town of Tozeur. The town is located between the salt lakes off Chott el-Gharsa in the north west and Chott el-Jerid in the south east. There are lots of movie locations around the city: the Lars Homestead exterior, the Mos Espa set, the Sith infiltrator landing site.
city: the Lars Homestead exterior, the Mos Espa set, the Sith infiltrator landing site and Star wars canyon.

Star Wars village Medenine
The city of Medenine is a major town in southeastern Tunisia, on the mian route to the border Tunisia/Libyan border. Its located 77 kilometres south of the port of Gabès and the Island of Djerba. In the past the town was an important trading centre in the south, attracting merchants from all over North Africa. The main attraction in Medenine is Ksar Medenine, an ancient Berber fortified granary. North of Ksar Medenine is the granary that acted as the slave quarters in Episode I, The Phantom Menace. It was used as the exterior of Anakin Skywalker’s home.

Star Wars Ksar Haddada
The Ksar of Haddada is located about 20km from Tataouine and 5 northe of Ghomrassen. The architecture a unique structure, that draws a stream of tourists each season. The Ksar was once occupied by Hotel Ksar Haddadathat was used as a location for the first Star Wars movie, The Phantom Menace. In the movie it had the name Mos Espa, a town on the planet Tatooine.

Star Wars Ksar Ouled Soltanethe
The photogenic place Ksar Ouled Soltane is located in the southeast of Tunisia, about 22km southeast ofTataouine. The two courtyards, each of which has a perimeter of multi-story vaulted granary cellars (ghorfas), offers some of the finest and best preserved examples of ancient ksars in Tunisia. The Ksar is located on a hilltop, to help protect it from villains. Proberly Mr George Lucas als thought this is a very unique place, because scenes of the first Star Wars: The Phantom Menace where shot here. It used to represented the slave quarters of Mos Espa.

Star Wars village of Chenini
The hilltop village of Chenni was a moon of Tatooine in the star war movies. It’s one of the best visited hilltop villages and defiantly worth a visit. The whole village has about 25000 inhabitants, and the true Berber language is still spoken and written. The oldest structure is dating back to the 12th century, and stand at the junction of two ridges. The Ksar is still used by the local inhabitants in storing grain. Original doors of palm trunk, and the interiors of the cave rooms still containing the original decorative paintwork and carvings.

Star Wars village of Douiret
The hilltop village of Douiret is also a place where some scenes where shot for the Star wars movies. Its located 22km southwest of the town Tataouine. Douiret was built on the spur of a hilltop to help protect it from the villains. The old village is transformed into a ruin, and the ksar is overlooking the troglodyte houses dug in the mountain aligned along its cliff. Below the hilltop is a whitewashed picturesque mosque.