The city of Sousse is located in the central-east of Tunisia, on the Gulf of Hammamet, and about 140 kilometres south of the capital Tunis. Its Tunisia’s third biggest city, and it has more than 545.000 inhabitants. The city is a popular tourist destination for foreigners, as it is with local Tunisians. The city was founded in the 9th century BC by the Phoenicians. The town allied with Rome during the last Punic war to escaping damage or ruin.

De Medina of Sousse is an UNSECO world heritage site, so you can imaging its one of Tunisians finest medina’s, and a relaxing place to wander around. It has a rich mix of historical heritage in a beautiful setting. The main entrance of the media is at the northeast corner at place des Martyrs. The walls of the medina were built in 859AD on the foundations of Byzantines structure, and they stretch 2.25 km, and are 8m high. Arabic inscriptions tell us that the Great Mosque of Sousse was built in AD 851, and in the 17th century there were some modifications. The Kasbah of Sousse is worth a visit, as the it was built on the city wall in the 11th century. Soussas museum located in the Kasbah has after the Bardo museum in Tunis the best mosaics to show. An interesting structure is the Khalef tower, that serves now as a lighthouse. One of the oldest monuments in the Median is the Ribat. Originally it was built as a fortress by Muslims in the 8th century. A great piece of Ottoman architecture in Sousse, and all of Tunisia is the Zaouia Zakkak minaret, built in the 17th century. In the 11th century Medina’s water supply came through Citterns. Presentations showing the life during the Ottoman time can be seen at Kalat El Koubba. The museum is located in 11the century building with a tomb. The museum Dar Essid is a mansion that is still in original status, and gives us a change to look into upper class life in that time. Of course you can enjoy a bath at Hammam Sidi Bouraoi.

Boujaffar Beach is the place where you find the cafes and restaurants, and the hotels. In the summer the beachfront many locals and tourists come here to relax. The beachfront north of Soussa is the touristique location of the hotel complexes.