The UNESCO sight of Kerkouane, is located 12km north of Kelibia, is a Punic settlement in north-eastern Tunisia. This city was abandoned in the 3th century, and was never rebuilt, so that is very much worth seeing. It offers a unique insight of the Punic times. Considering its excellent location, next to the sea, and about as close as you can get to Europe, it is mystery why the Romans never used it to build their own town. The city was well planned town, protected by double fortifications around 15km wide. In ancient times it had around 300 houses, and 2000 inhabitants. Archaeological uncovered evidence of goldsmiths, glass making, and stone carving. The highlight of the town are: a costal fort, on the north side, the west gate built in an overlap between the walls. The houses of the wealthy north-eastern district, were you explore magnificent mosaic floors, and well preserved bathrooms. A Punic goddess monument known as House of Tanit. Splendid seafront settings. Small public baths, and a museum.