In Tunisia most of the towns and villages come with their own big or small annual festival. Most festivals are about the culture of the towns, and that stretches from camel racing, storytelling, symphonic music, theatre to selling the handcraft products. The festivals flourish during the months when many tourists choose to visit Tunisia. On arrival at your holiday destination, it is worth checking with your hotel or local tourism office as to whether any will be held nearby during your stay. Some of the festivals are descript below. (dates of festival can change)

The Carthage International festival
This festival is about music, dance, and theatre in op stunning open air stetting of a Roman theatre.
Location: Carthage – Date: July and August

Tozeur oasis festival
A celebration of desert communities and the natural landscape, includes camel racing, storytelling, traditional dance and music performances and other folkloric events.  Location: Tozeur  Date: every November from the 3rd to the 6th

The international festival of Hammamet
Festival is held in a Roman mansion that dates back to 1920 and 1932, and in an Amphitheatre that is located on the seaside. It’s about music played by international musicians. Location: Hammamet – Date: July and August

Douz Sahara festival
Most of the festival takes place in the desert near the great dune. The festival is about traditional desert camel racing and hunting. In the town centre there is also music with colourful parades, readings, and people selling traditional handcrafts made product.Location: Douz – Date: beginning of November

Festival of the Sparrowhawk
The Festival d’Epervier, or the Festival of the Sparrowhawk, attracts hundreds of falconers and bird lovers to the Tunisian coastal town of El Haouaria. The event celebrates the art of falconry and gives “sparrowhawker” falconers the chance to show off their training skills. Location: El Haouaria – Date: End of June/Beginning of July

The international Jazz Tabarka festival
Well known Jazz event that takes place in a seaside amphitheatre. Location: Tabarka – Date: June

International Festival of Sousse
Programmed events usually include films, feature films and animations. There is also a carnival, with an impressive parade of decorated floatsLocation: Sousse – Date: Staged over the course of three weeks, between July and August.

The Jazz festival in Carthage
ten days of performances by jazz artists from all over the world. The event is staged at the Hotel Barcelo Carthage Thalasso. Location: Carthage – Date: October

The International Festival of Bizerte
Bizerte features a myriad of shows that celebrate music, theatre, and dance in one of the oldest cities in Tunisia. Location: Bizerte – Date: July and August

Lag B’Omer pilgrimage
The annual Lag B’Omer pilgrimage to the Tunisian island of Djerba draws crowds to visit the ancient temple, El Ghriba synagogue, in the heart of the region’s Jewish community. Location: Djerba

Tatouine Ksour Festival
Star Wars was filmed in this area and many of the sets have been preserved in the Tunisian desert. Location: Ksour,Ouled, & Soltane – Date: 3 days in March -April

Arabian Horse Festival
Events include races and the colourful militaristic North African style parades Meknessy -Sidi Bouzid June – July
International Festival of Symphonic Music
The finest classical works, set in the candle-lit surroundings of the best-preserved Roman coliseum in the world. Location: Colosseum of El Jem – Date:  July – August

International Festival of Dougga
International respected names in the classical and theatrical worlds come to perform in the summer air, amidst some of Tunisia’s most spectacular archaeological heritage. Location: Dougga – Date: July – August