El Jem

The colosseum is located in the town of El Jem, and it is the third largest in the Roman world. It was built between AD 230 and 238, and it could hold up to 35,000 spectators. The construction was 139m long by 115m wide, with three tiers of seating high. This Unesco world heritage monument of 3rd-century illustrates the grandeur and extent of the Rome Empire. It still is possible to climb up the upper seating level to look down on the arena. Furthermore it is possible to experience what the gladiators felt in their last minutes before they entered the arena by walking down the original underground passageways.

Beside the Amphitheatre there is also e splendid Archaeological museum. Its located 1km south of the colosseum, housing some splendid mosaics. Also there is a roman village dating back from AD 170, called the house of Africa. Next to the museum there is an entire old roman village street excavated. Day trips to the site, and the museum can be easily made from Sousse, Sfax or Mahdia.