The ancient city of Dougga that covers an area of approximately 75 ha lies in the middle of the countryside, and is qualified as an UNESCO sight. The ruins Dougga with all its components are a testimony to more than 17 centuries of history. It is truly an example illustrating different cultures such as; Numidian, Punic, Byzantine, Roman, and the Arabs.
The Numidians, that are the original establishers of the town, built the site on a hillside, with a very nice view overlooking the fields, and hills beyond. The sight is a must see attraction in Tunisia, and includes monuments such as:

Capitol: built in 166 CE, and its 10 metre high walls stand almost like the day it was established. Lybico-Punic Mausoleum that dates back to 3th century. Licinian Baths its original walls intact, as well as a long tunnel used by the slaves working at the baths. Cisterns: a system for providing Dougga with water. There are a lot of temples to explore, one of them is The temple of Caelestis built in the 2th century. Triumphal arches such as the one from Septimius Severus, and Alexander Serverus that marks the western entrance of the town. Temple of Saturn with six remaining columns, and located on platform with an amazing view overlooking the valley Oued Kalled.